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This site is the mind and soul of me (Dean Williams), creating software is a hobby of mine that I choose to share on this website, I also run several online services such as the Emoticon Library, Snick and Quiz Generator.'s vision is to become a community driven website with interesting tools and community driven forums for support and fun as well as information about myself, my portfolio and my blog.

Right now the website is under major construction, but please check back and we will soon have some order to this chaos, in the mean time I hope you find what you're looking for!


Website Hosting & Support

We offer very unique hosting packages for people with bespoke website systems, we currently publicly support Linesave, Quantum Web & Tuvuti systems, however we will consider taking on any system so please contact us if you have a website system and need hosting and support.

Web Development (Freelancing)

We also offer Web Development services for those who need a website designing and creating, new website features, feature enhancements, bug fixes or migration from one server to another.

Resplace Portal


We have a selection of software built in-house for various tasks, needs or for fun.


Our tools section hosts some interesting tools that are accessible online to meet varius individual needs.


Our 'fun' section of the website has various online services that you may find interesting.

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Emoticon Library Latest

Latest emoticons added to our Emoticon Library:

Crazy Trollface emote
Crazy Trollface
A psycho trollface, ...
Category: Memes
Added By: Deano
No Leaf Blowing emote
No Leaf Blowing
An emoticon of a lea...
Category: Garden
Added By: Deano
Tesco emote
Tesco brand logo
Category: Company Brands
Added By: Deano
Woot Sign emote
Woot Sign
Emoticon holding a W...
Category: Holding Signs
Added By: Deano
Sun Face emote
Sun Face
An emoticon with a b...
Category: Happy
Added By: Deano
Taking A Shit emote
Taking A Shit
Brown Emoticon takes...
Category: Poo
Added By: Deano
Pikachu Laying Down emote
Pikachu Laying Down
Pikachu from pokemon...
Category: Pokemon
Added By: Deano
Smoking A Joint emote
Smoking A Joint
Very Happy green emo...
Category: Smoking
Added By: Deano
Getting Stoned emote
Getting Stoned
Emotiocon taking a d...
Category: Smoking
Added By: Deano
Chuckle emote
Laughing Emoticon
Category: Laughing
Added By: ramon.cutanda
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Latest News:

Cash4Phones - The scam and how Bozowi is committed to fair trading!
[18-11-13 17:14pm]
I work for a company that offers a recycling service for new / used / broken mobile phones so I ...
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Snick (Style Nickname) Has been fixed!
[06-03-13 15:40pm]
Some of you may be aware that we recently moved to a new VPS, we noticed today that Snick was not wo...
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Tonight 7:30pm GMT, ‘2012 DA14’ asteroid will pass near earth!
[15-02-13 16:48pm]
Tonight at 19:30 Britain will have a rare opportunity to watch a asteroid pass closely to earth, the...
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12-12-12 12:12:12 – Last palendrical date for a millennium!
[12-12-12 12:12pm]
It’s just happened! The last palendrical date (same number date) to happen for another millennium! ...
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New sturls service & Recursion Fun!
[01-08-12 15:26pm]
I have just made a new service live called stURLs ( Like Tiny URL, it is a URL sh...
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Downtime :O
[04-05-12 11:55am]
Apologies for the downtime, I’m officially a dumbass… Changed the MySQL database username/passwords ...
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Latest Blog:

“Access Denied” troubles with files and folders in Windows
[02-06-14 23:06pm]
Good Evening, Windows has this really nasty feature called “user permissions”, well its not all nas...
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Author of Game Of Thrones still uses DOS - No-one told him you can turn auto-correct off!
[17-05-14 21:44pm]
I read something absolutely hilarious on BBC news today, the author of Game Of Thrones (George RR Ma...
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550 SC-001 rejecting mail for policy reasons – How to remove your server from the blacklist!
[04-05-14 22:26pm]
So just when you think the internet is this great place for a server admin, where any problem can be...
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PHP: using UTF8 for CSV creation
[17-04-14 08:30am]
If your generating a CSV with PHP you may have stumbled upon the same problem as me where any specia...
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How to update OpenSSL to fix Heartbleed Vulnerability WHM/Plesk/Centos Servers
[12-04-14 09:55am]
So I’m sure everyone has heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL, it appears SSL has not...
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PHP: Find the file where a class was defined
[09-04-14 08:00am]
It's annoying when you are looking for a particular class in a system you are not very familiar with...
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